About Walali

About Walali

Walali  is a family-owned company based in Soupir, Rodrigues (Mauritius). It started from our love for traditional food and recipes we remember from our childhood. 

While growing up, seafood was readily available and owning a fridge was very expensive. Our parents got creative in finding ways to preserve them. Salting and drying were the most common methods of preservation. Occasionally, mum would make a "vindaye poisson" (fish vindaloo) and store it in a jar or several jars depending on the size of the batch. We loved it and we wanted to share it with you! 

Our mission

 – Walali aspires to be different. We want to challenge the status quo and prove to the world that there are better ways of doing business. All our actions are being constantly questioned to favor sustainability while simultaneously assuring progress. 

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of doing things without compromising the quality, texture and taste of our products. By combining traditional recipes with new and improved technologies, we will keep bringing our traditional dishes to your plates all year round.

Our suppliers’ well-being is one of our main priorities and we believe that corporate success corresponds to harmony of all elements in the system. 

Walali is an environmentally-conscious company. We will do all in our power to protect  Rodrigues and its beautiful landscape.  

We are committed to

  • Continually reducing the carbon footprint of all our processes,  operations and facilities, including use of energy efficient machinery.
  • Conservation of water including, rainwater capture, storage and use at all of our facilities and recycled  water systems  and re use waste  water.
  • Collecting all used oil and ensuring it is professionally recycled.
  • We plan to invest in renewable energy for our day-to-day operations in the near future.